plantar fasciitis night splint with compression socks for men and women
Night splint features
Drop foot heel pain plantar fasciitis
Night splint not bulky bendable aluminum
Compression sleeves arch support
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Relief morning heel pain night splint
Relief heel pain night splint

Plantar Fasciitis Dorsal Night Splint with Bonus Compression Socks

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  • 👉ONE SIZE FITS MOST 👈 - Vriksasana night splint comes with double straps that are long enough to wrap around most feet and ankles. It fits both left and right foot. 👉Compression Socks come in 2 sizes 👈- Please refer to the size chart.
  • ☑️ EFFECTIVE - Still suffering from stabbing heel pain in the morning or after a long period of standing? The night splint has been proven to be the most effective plantar fasciitis treatment when wore regularly. Vriksasana night dorsiflexion splint allows passive stretching of the calf muscle and plantar fascia ligament during sleep by keeping the foot and ankle in a neutral / slightly dorsiflexed (relaxed plantar-flexed) position.
  • ☑️EXTRA COMFORTABLE - Our dorsal splint’s discreet design allows the heel, arch and toes to breath freely. We also added extra padding around the bendable aluminum strip to eliminate skin irritation.
  • ☑️LESS BULKY - Virksasana night splint features a low-profile design that does not disturb your sleep and rest. Its lightweight and breathable material allows you to wear it even during hoS summer weather.
  • ☑️EXTRA VALUE - We also provide an extra pair of plantar fasciitis socks as an alternative to the night splint. Vriksasana compression foot sleeve ergonomically conforms to your foot for a tight fit around nerves and muscles to increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation. You can also wear the sock inside the night splint to make it more comfortable throughout the night.