Our Mission

Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning 'tree' and 'pose', Vriksasana Posture was founded to help people restructure and achieve harmony with their bodies. To that end, Vriksasana Posture offers a diverse range of orthopedic products encompassing back braces, sacroiliac joint belts, and night splints to help people renew their bodies and live pain-free lives. Based in Los Angeles, California, we blend ergonomic design with premium materials to balance comfort, functionality, and durability in all our products.  

Vriksasana Posture prides itself on highly personalized customer support and strives to thoroughly address all our customer's questions and concerns. We work closely with our manufacturing and lab partners to incorporate customer feedback in our product design, ensuring that Vriksasana Posture products are closely tailored to customer needs and consistently best in class. 

We are a small yet passionate business with lofty goals, but our passion for helping our customers through the build-measure-learn feedback loop will carry us forward and lead the way in providing comfortable and effective support wear to the community at fantastic prices.