Comfortable Upper Back Brace for Women and Men
Size guide of upper back brace for men
Posture corrector for women that uses breathable and durable material
Comfortable upper and middle back brace for office to prevent slouching and rounded shoulder
Posture corrector for women
Posture corrector for women for outdoor use
Posture corrector in a velvet pouch packaging
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Comfortable Upper Back Brace for Women and Men

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  • Easy to slip on and off without extra help! 👉Fits size 28 – 49 inches 👈Please refer to our size guide to choose the right size for you.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE - Vriksasana Posture Corrector’s ergonomic design features adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt to allow maximum customization. With a 3 hours/day commitment, it will stabilize and align shoulders, neck and spine to relieve chronic pain around the area. The brace is also ideal for supporting the upper back and clavicle after an injury and preventing re-injury.
  • MORE COMFORTABLE - The idea behind the design is to help build muscle memory by correcting rounded shoulders and ensuring spinal alignment, so that over time, you will automatically straighten your back without the help of brace. The neoprene used in the brace is so breathable and lightweight that you can even wear it in humid and hot weather. Thanks to the detachable comfort pads provided with the brace, underarm discomfort will also be minimized.
  • MORE CONFIDENT: No more slouching, hunchback or stooped shoulders! It means you will look taller and better, and are likely to receive compliments from loved ones, which will boost your confidence!
  • MORE VERSATILE: The adjustable straps make it suitable for men, women and teenagers. Vriksasana Posture Corrector can be worn both over and under clothing. Its discreet design is perfect for working, driving, and other everyday activities.